Monday, June 11, 2012

Rock of Ages Movie Pre-Review review.


Ok this is a little different, I am going to PRE-Review the movie Rock of Ages which isn't even in theatres yet and which I haven't seen yet. What I have seen is about a million online comments about how "horrible" it will be. How it's blasphemy to make rock songs into show tunes and how it will make a mockery of the entire metal scene in general.

Now, I did (thanks to an amazing Christmas gift from my wife!) get to see the musical in Toronto last year so I know the story line and all the songs included in the movie. I also was a teenager in the 80's when the majority of the songs were released and being played every 20 minutes on the radio or MTV.

So here is my 5 word pre-review review for the new film "Rock of Ages". I ALREADY LOVE THIS MOVIE!

How do I know? I know because even it it is 25% as good as the musical it will be great fun! People need to lighten up and enjoy this movie for what it is. A cheesy romance movie with a ton of cheesy 80's anthem pop metal tunes. Last I checked, lots of people like cheese.When I went to the musical I was actually sad when it ended, as it took me back and brought back some awesome memories of my youth and the great soundtrack of my teen years.

If you are looking for an accurate look into the Sunset Strip in the 80's than I assure you this isn't it. If that it what you're after, then I recommend "Hollywood Rocks", a very edgy look into the hair metal happenings in the City of Angels. Rock of Ages is a romantic "musical" comedy that has treaded into the world of Heavy Metal. That fact alone should make it the best romantic comedy movie ever made, and probably the only one that I will ever buy. If hearing Twisted Sister as a show tune is that horrible, than don't go see it but it obviously didn't bother Dee Snider who jumped into the Broadway cast of the musical. It may not be the raw, in your face metal but not everyone is looking for that and it is just another way to have these great songs heard by a new generation.

I find it hilarious that people are taking this so seriously, but then again some people took Spinal Tap seriously too. People need to lighten up and relax. If you have ever cracked open a beer while blasting some Poison, Def Leppard and Whitesnake, if you remember the 80's than go see the movie and have yourself a blast. This movie won't be up for an Oscar next year, but then again who gives a shit? It will still be nothing but a good time!

I give this movie and Tom Cruise for doing this movie 4 \m/'s

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