Thursday, May 31, 2012

West Memphis Suicide making some lemonade!


When I heard about this I had to give a shout out to the guys in West Memphis Suicide.

This Saturday (June 2nd) West Memphis Suicide was scheduled to play at "Hockeyfest" a 2 day festival concert in Brantford, Canada. This was to be a huge concert, possibly the biggest audience WMS has performed for so far. Well as it turns out with less than a week to go, with thousands of tickets already sold, the entire festival has been shot down due to political red tape.

When I interviewed the guys a few weeks ago, they were amped up and promoting the shit out of this concert. Talk about being handed the proverbial "lemons"

So what happens when DIRTBAGS get kicked in the kahones? They stand up, flip the bird to the powers that be and organize their own damn concert in just a few days! Knowing how many disappointed fans had already purchased tickets they stepped up and are giving them a show anyway! Lesser bands would have been moping around for weeks, in fact I bet a few bands on the Hockeyfest bill are doing just that. In the meantime WMS will be plugging in and giving their fans a great show.

If you haven't yet heard West Memphis Suicide be sure to download and listen to episode 35 of the Decibel Geek Podcast "Radio Sucks" show and give a listen to Nothing Messiah.

Way to step up boys!

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