Tuesday, May 29, 2012

They Really Like Us!

We're not ones to toot our own horn.......oh, who are we kidding. We're tooting our horn constantly but it means much more to us to get feedback from others. We are getting great feedback here on the site as well as the Decibel Geek facebook page from our listeners but today marks a first.

Some Really Smart Dudes
Today is the day that Decibel Geek podcast got reviewed on Podcast Squared. What is Podcast Squared? They are a podcast that gives critical reviews of podcasts. We are the featured podcast review for this, their 100th episode.

While I'd like to go ahead and tell you everything that they say, I'd much rather you check out the review yourself to hear what they had to say about the Decibel Geek podcast. Obviously, if they thought we sounded like a couple of cavemen grunting into tin cans I wouldn't be touting this review so you know that it's positive.

So, for those of you that want to hear what a respected podcast reviewer thinks of us, check out the link below. The Decibel Geek talk starts around 15:35.


Thanks again to the guys from Podcast Squared!

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