Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Episode 33 - 1991 Year in Review


In the short year that the Decibel Geek podcast has existed, some of our more popular episodes have been our Year in Review shows. We have received some great feedback from all over the world about our 1975 and 1983 episodes and this week we head to the 90's as we focus on a truly transitional year in rock music in 1991.

Chris and Aaron are spinning a plethora of their favorite songs from 1991 and you're sure to hear lots of stuff you may have missed while radio stations were shoving Bryan Adams and Amy Grant down your throat. While the glam to grunge overnight transition took place in September with the release of Nirvana's landmark Nevermind album, you'll hear plenty of examples of the wide variety of great music that was being released even before anarchist cheerleaders picked up black pompoms and the janitor got his groove back.

1991 was a crazy year for cannibalism, true and fictional, with Jeffrey Dahmer proving that Aaron Camaro is not the only lunatic from Wisconsin and Anthony Hopkins' strange appetite in Silence of the Lambs.

We also learned in 1991 that Pee Wee Herman likes himself. He...really....really....likes himself. Of course, he went to jail and was ridiculed for something that 99% of the population does and that 1% dude sure is frustrated.

Michael Jordan got us to eat our Wheaties, Madonna pissed of parents of teenage boys everywhere with a "racy" video that is tame by today's standards and there was a TON of great music produced in 1991. You'll hear us yack about all of it this week on the Decibel Geek podcast.

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RJhog (Classic Rock Bottom) said...

Personally, I like the old format better. I prefer full songs. That's one of the reasons I no longer listen to Podkissst or whatever it's called. They only play short clips, I mean really short, or live versions, which I just don't enjoy as much. Now, I do like the increased dialogue. If you came to me soley for my opinion, I'd say continue to play full songs and expand it to 2 volumes.

Chris, I remember '91 for the Braves as well. I watched religiously and was heart broken when they lost in 7. And I also agree that Terminator 2 was the best in the series.

Soundgarden and Badmotorfinger is so cool. And you played a clip from Temple Of The Dog. Awesome, I love that album. And you didn't sample Hunger Strike, which is a great song in itself, but nice pick with Pushing Forward Back. My favorite from that album is the slower song, Call Me A Dog. Chris Cornell is one of the Top 5 vocalists of the last 2 decades.

Chris, I liked that Matthew Sweet song too. Killer guitar work, but I don't remember anything about the rest of the album, and I owned it back then.

Two things I'd like to check out based on this show is Enuff z Nuff and Great White. I like some of GW's work, but I don't own any of their back catalog.

By the way, that was my buddy Jon from right here on CRB that commented on the last show about Nickelback and Triumph.

Good show guys.

Jon said...

I would have commented earlier, but I just got out of the hospital and have to thank you guys for that.

I took your advice and went to a local bar where a band was playing and decided, what the hell, I'll interview these guys when they're done and drop The Decibel Geek Podcast name so it would show that I had some cred.

To be honest they weren't that good, but they looked really good (in a metal kind of way). However, all the songs sounded the same (except for maybe one) but I decided to bite the bullet and interview them anyway because one day maybe they'd be the next Zeppelin or Nelson.

When they were done with their set, I headed backstage and went up the the lead singer and said I was representing Decibel Geek Podcast and it would be my honor interview them.

Well, the interview never started because they started beating the living fuck out of me, screaming that they were a Nickelback cover band and how dare I make fun of Nickelback because Nickebback were awesome, the best band ever on any planet.

By this time I'm crying and trying to tell them that I'm just REPRESENTING Decibel Geek Podcast, I'm not them, and to please leave me alone, but they either weren't listening or didn't care because the beating continued until I passed out.

Anyway, I did like this show with the clips instead of full songs because I might have some head trauma and can't concentrate for long periods of time.

Too bad The Electric Boys didn't put out an album in '91, would have made a great pairing with Mindfunk. And I can't say enough about Enuff Z'nuff, great stuff from these guys, more folks need to check them out.

My head hurts.

Another great show, it's too bad I didn't get that interview though, they did a killer version of a Juice Newton song.

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