Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Episode 31 - Dick Wagner


Welcome to our nightmare. We think you're gonna like it. Actually, the episode that we post for your listening pleasure today was truly a dream come true for us.

In this long form discussion, veteran guitar maestro Dick Wagner reflects on what it's been like being on the inside of rock history for 40+years. Appearing on more than 200 albums and garnering more than 35 Gold and Platinum albums, Wagner has quite a story (or in this case, many stories) to tell as he gives us a glimpse of the fantastic historical essays that await you in his recently released (and soon to be hardcover-released) e-book entitled
Not Only Women Bleed: Vignettes from the Heart of a Rock and Roll Musician.

Dick shares stories with us from his earliest days including backing Jerry Lee Lewis in a television appearance as well as the circumstances that led him to become the musical director for the Alice Cooper solo band.

Also in this discussion is Dick's recollections of a short stint living in Nashville in the early 1990's attempting to break into the Country music songwriting game and the resistance he received from the "good ole boy" network.

Wagner gives us the inside story on Alice Cooper's (and his own) substance abuse trouble in the 1970's and early 1980's. You'll hear about Alice's state of mind during the recording of 1983's bizarre DaDa album as well as the strange fitness routine Cooper incorporated into his daily life when the two first met.

From Aerosmith's Get Your Wings to KISS' Destroyer & Revenge albums, Wagner has appeared on some very well-loved tracks without receiving credit for his playing. Does he harbor any ill-will for not receiving his just desserts? You'll hear his unfiltered take in this interview.

Dick also shares his take on what he and the Alice Cooper band thought of a young upstart named KISS surpassing them on the charts.

This episode features some stories from Wagner's personal archive that must be heard to be believed. Stories of all facets of pop culture colliding at specific times. Strange bedfellows indeed.

Our discussion with Dick Wagner only scratches the surface of the goldmine of amazing stories of sex, drugs, rock and roll, and more sex that you'll be glued to when reading Not Only Women Bleed.

Be sure to check out Dick's official website for news updates as well as a full history/discography.

We are very pleased to bring you this episode and thank you for listening. Be sure to check out for more info and other great episodes!

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RJhog (Classic Rock Bottom) said...

Chris and Aaron, as much as I liked the Eddie Trunk video, I liked this one even more. Dick sounds like a very likeable dude. I love hearing the Jerry Lee Lewis, Aerosmith and Alice Cooper stories. And especially the Kiss stories like the Sweet Pain solo. His attitude is perfect. He was paid to do something and that's what he did. Ace may not have liked it, but that's too bad. Maybe Ace should have been there to get it right (this is not a knock on Ace like it may sound. I totally agree that he should have known about it before the album came out.) But Dick did what he was paid for. And got no credit for it at the time. I loved the comment he made that he wouldn't have liked it if it had been his band.

And as far as the book goes, I want it. But I want the hardcover with those CD's. And I'd love for it to be peronalized. I'll check out his website and see if I can pre-order it there.

Great interview guys.

Chris said...

Thanks for the great feedback RJ! We always appreciate your take on our shows. We think this is one of the best shows we've done and will have a hard time topping it.

Thanks again!

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