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Episode 28 - 1983 Year in Review


Before we flash back in  time we want to remind you of our upcoming Listener Request episode! We want you to call in your hard rock/metal song request on our hotline and we'll play our favorite requests on the show! The number to call is (540) - DBGEEK-1 (or (540) 324-3351). That number will take you straight to our voice mail hotline. Don't be shy!

We had some great feedback on the recent 1975 Year in Review show so we decided to jump back into the time machine and venture to another year. This time we're going back to the days of Atari, Dr. J, and Metallica before they became sycophantic Lou Reed cohorts. We're heading back to 1983.

This Year in Review episode has got a little bit of everything from the pop culture stew of 1983. There was a lot going on in the entertainment world from M.A.S.H. ending its legendary run atop the television world to the release of the tragedy-laden movie version of The Twilight Zone movie. We touch on that stuff but we're a music show, right?

The musical landscape of 1983 was certainly varied. The top of the Billboard charts was mostly owned by Michael Jackson as this was the high point for his vaunted Thriller album. Other top pop stars of the year included The Police and a young starlet named Madonna.

The hard rock and metal world was certainly in flux in 1983 with grease painted rock legends KISS deciding to scrub off the clown white and go au naturele on MTV. A new metal band was starting to make waves in the Bay Area in 1983. Metallica released Kill 'Em All on Megaforce Records and heavy metal was never the same. 1983 was a confusing year for rock legends Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath with the left-of-center releases of DaDa and Born Again respectively.

So, break out your Wacky Wallwalkers, strap on your Swatch, and hope into the Family Truckster. It's time to hit the time travel highway to 1983!

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RJhog (Classic Rock Bottom) said...

Man, this was a killer set list. I have to say I'm not the biggest metal head on Classic Rock Bottom, but top to bottom, this was outstanding. Not a bad song at all and one really nice surprise for me.

Any show dealing with 1983 must make a mention of Kiss and the makeup removal, which you guys handled. For me, a long time Kiss fan, I had kinda lost track of them by 1983. I was 17 and I had other things on my mind. But I was in a local record store (yes, we still had one in town back then), just browsing the albums, and an album cover caught my eye. Like many music fans back then, I would spend money on a band because of a great album cover. This particular album cover was white with 4 reasonably dressed dudes with long hair on it. It looked cool enough for me to pick up. Imagine my surprise when I saw the Kiss logo on it. I almost hit the floor. I immediately bought it and took it home and played it. And it was a very good album. I agree that A Million To One should have been a single, but I also think Exciter is an awesome song. So either of those would have been great choices to play. Of course, this renewed my love for the music of Kiss and the rest is Kisstory.

Also liked the Motley Crue pick. For me, that's their second best album, behind the debut. Tommy Lee's drumming is great on this song, but my favorite from that album is Ten Seconds To Love.

And the big surprise? Twisted Sister. A band I've never, ever liked. But this song is really good. Maybe I'll go back and check out those first two albums like you guys suggested.

The only thing off the top of my head that I would probably have included would be something from Pyromania. Of course, I was listening to Loverboy and Night Ranger a lot in 1983 as well.

Outstanding show.

Scott said...

Kaufmann vs Lawler, hahaha. I remember that Letterman show, put him on the map and he never looked back!

75 was about when I really started to love music, and 83 was my Senior Year!

I still have never purchased Thriller! I wear it like a badge of honor!

Such great memories! Every song evokes something that makes me smile!

Jon said...

Great show and I don't care who knows, I own "Thriller". Had it on album and have it on CD. Admit that you waited for the "Thriller" video when it debuted on MTV. Admit it people!

I remember when that Alcatrazz album came out, I was so psyched because it had Graham Bonnet. I was still in awe of him on Michael Schenker's "Assault Attack" the previous year so I thought this was going to be great. I hate that album. Loathe it. But the followup, "Disturbing The Peace" is totally 100% AWESOME.

Hell, I bought that Black Sabbath because of that album cover. Love that album, first time I heard it I thought it was just noise. "Zero The Hero" is a cool song. The album sounded like crap on cassette, sounded like crap on vinyl and sounds like crap on CD, even the remaster.

That's the first Twisted Sister album I ever bought, that and "Under The Blade" are pretty far removed from "Stay Hungry" onwards.

There was some amazing stuff that came out in '83 in hard rock/metal:

Raven--All For One

Y &T--Mean Streak



Grim Reaper--See You In Hell

Thin Lizzy--Thunder And Lightning

Gary Moore--Victims Of The Future

Heavy Pettin'--Heavy Pettin' (hey, thought it would be good since it was produced by Brian May, was totally wrong)

AC/DC--Flick Of The Switch (highly underrated album)

and so many more...check out the Lita Ford album from that year, nice album cover. COVER. Forget the rest. Get it for the COVER.

Shit, I just realized how tremendously wealthy I would be if I didn't waste so much money on music back then.

Great show, it needs to be more than an hour!

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