Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Episode 26 - 1975 Year in Review


Chris and a raspy-voiced Aaron Camaro return this week with a trip into the past. We're adjusting our flux capacitor and taking the wayback machine to 1975; an era where people wore bellbottoms, platform shoes, and had ridiculous haircuts without a shred of irony.

While there was plenty of music to vomit over, there was also lots of cool rock being put out into the ether. We take some time to share that music in today's episode as well as our discussion of some news events that happened throughout the year.

So, kick back, grab a quaalude, and take off those Toughskins while we take a look at 1975.

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RJhog (Classic Rock Bottom) said...

Enjoyed this episode Chris. I skimmed thourgh the Wikipedia page and saw tons of great classic rock released. Not as much metal music. But I think you guys did very well with your picks.

My favorite pick of all was Nazareth. I totally agree about the album cover, which was booted from our album cover tournament fairly early on, but I was mesmerized by it as a kid. The album is strong from start to finish and I love that you picked Changing Times instead of the title track. Miss Misery or Please Don't Judas Me would have been great picks as well.

Of course, I love the Kiss pick. She has such a great underlying riff. And the fact that Ace "borrowed" the lead from Robbie Kreiger (spelling?) of The Doors makes it even better.

The Budgie song was really cool. I've never heard their stuff so thanks for playing it.

And I loved The Six Million Dollar Man. I owned that action figure. Problem was, it was larger than the GI Joe at the time and also larger than Big Jim (all action figures from the same time period), so the SMDM usually played the part of Andre The Giant in my action figure wrestling matches. That was a memory reliving commercial you played.

The only things I noticed you missed would have been UFO's Force It (Jon will definitely notice this) and possibly Ted Nugent's solo debut (not necessarily metal, but I don't think any metal fans have a problem citing Uncle Ted as cool (a little crazy, but cool).

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