Sunday, February 12, 2012

Henry Rollins Becomes A Born Again KISStian

Andrew Jacobs here,

I interviewed Henry Rollins via email this past week but have decided not to post it. Although he's definitely one of my top 5 heroes and I've been a HUGE fan of his for the past 25 of his 30+ year career, I just didn't find the interview worthy of posting due to his one or two short sentence answers to all of my questions. I know that he's constantly touring, working and/or travelling and I certainly don't fault him in the slightest but I also didn't want to bother him by asking him to beef up his answers or whatever. So anyway, long story short - no Rollins interview.

In it's place (and in honor of Rollins' 51st birthday tomorrow), I've posted these series of videos from one of Rollins' spoken word shows where he discusses in great (and HILARIOUS) detail of becoming a KISS fan after going to a KISS concert on their Farewell Tour in 2000. If this interests you at all, I highly recommend purchasing his Talk Is Cheap Vol. 2 spoken word CD, available for only $5 from his webstore (you can also purchase it digitally from his webstore as well). Enjoy.

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