Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Money for Nothing.....Vinnie Vincent's Countdown to Lunacy

You just can't make this stuff up!

Vinnie Vincent, my show's number 1 fan, has recently updated his YouTube page (ie. his only communication to the outside world; who needs William Morris?) with some long-awaited news!

From YouTube:
**8/15/11 update!
Shooting for a premier date of August 25, 2011 for the OFFICIAL VINNIE VINCENT WEBSITE. Stay tuned here for details. Vinnie Vincent

Annual Membership fees for the OFFICIAL VINNIE VINCENT FORUM will be set at $500.00. Details will follow shortly.

Holy whammy-bars Batman! $500.00 annual membership? For what?! Vinnie Vincent hasn't released a single note of music since the late 1980's! Yeah, yeah I know, he released 'Speedball Jam' in the 90's. I'm sorry, but I don't consider speed picking while you sloppily run your fingers up and down a fretboard like some junked out heroin addict as "music" so it doesn't count.

I also wonder if it's a coincidence that his proposed website launch date is Gene Simmons' birthday. I doubt Gene's concerned about it. He's too busy counting all of the money that he's earned actually getting out of the house, being productive, and sharing music with the world. I guess it's easier to open a message forum that's got all the freedom of Nazi Germany with the price of Ashley Madison and no kiss afterwards.

For the few fans that Vinnie has left that want to have honest, real discussion about Vinnie and his career with a price tag of FREE go HERE

Use Your Delusion? Indeed.....


Vic Radacic said...

Announcement: Memberships to the VVFF will begin at $1000, we can't have Vinnie showing us up!!

Chris Sexxx said...

New Announcement: The $500 membership for the Vinnie Vincent message board will never actually grant you access to a Vinnie Vincent message board since it will never exist. Bandwidth is cheap, and we could actually set one up for free. On the other hand, we want to remind all of you guys of that time we took your money for that Vinnie Vincent box set that never came out, and we issued no refunds. Ah, the good old days.

Chris said...

I'm thinking of charging a small $3000.00 fee per episode.

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