Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rap Rock - Ep181

With a show that's been in existence for nearly 4 years and has covered numerous facets of rock and metal, you had to know this day would come. We think you'll like it anyway.

This week Aaron and Chris set out to tackle a true challenge....finding songs from the genre known as Rap Rock that actually kick ass. This genre is picked apart and ridiculed by many rock and metal purists but your hosts aim this week to dig up some gems and prove that there's some good stuff even in midst of something they hate. Tracks from Rage Against the Machine, Clutch, Kid Rock, Incubus, Gwar, Body Count, The Deftones, Mudvayne and much, much more are included. We hope you'll listen with an open mind as we spin some rockin' riffs and righteous rhymes......otherwise, please come back next week. Dig it!

Geeks of the Week:
Todd Cunningham, Anthony Pool, David Alpizar, Dave Shirt, Devin Fox, Marc Alden Taylor, Rhys Lett, Ryan Sessions, Bakko, Bill Wang, Ian Wadley (Rock & Metal Combat Podcast), Robin Bennett, Justin Hayes, Colin Francis, Joe Lascon, Matt Bradshaw, Jeff Hogland, Trevor McDougall, Brent Walter, Scott Olinger, Mike Blount, Derik Novak, Matt Syverson, Joe Royland, Dan Chaput, PJ Brown, Howard Tate, Brent Tibbets, Corey Nowlin, John Sunday, Warren Money, Mike Stewart, Matt Porter (BIG shout-out), Watchin’ You podcast, Gary Daggett, Blair Linthorne, Brad Kanott, Mike Blount, Chad Pollock, Sit & Spin with Joe, Brian Knapp, RAW Magazine, Hot Metal Magazine, Loudmouth, Faces Rocks Magazine, paul47m, Shawn Franklin, Allen Tate, Chris Capaldo, MusicMagsAndWax, Jack Broad, PodcastsAreTheBest, Monte Carr, hoops, Eric Gaudet, Nick Rose, Frank D. Stealth, Trapper Knight, Sven Isaksson, thekissroom

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