Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bitchin' with Dean Delray and Christian Spicer


Many of you are probably already familiar with Los Angeles standup comic & former hard rock vocalist/musician Dean Delray and his long running Let There Be Talk podcast.  This past January, Dean and fellow comic Christian Spicer decided to team up and the result is Bitchin', a weekly talk show podcast and videocast on the All Things Comedy network.  Bitchin' basically consists of Dean and Christian just shooting the shit (hence the podcast name) about their respective comedy careers and their personal lives.  They also tell stories from their pasts and needless to say, having been a hard rock vocalist/musician for 25+ years prior to becoming a comic, Dean has quite a few insane hard rock and heavy metal stories.  The show also consists of phone calls from listeners (some of whom are musicians that Dean has interviewed on Let There Be Talk) which are quite entertaining in their own right.  I'll be interviewing Dean for Decibel Geek shortly.

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