Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Power Metal Delight: A Review of Thomsen's Unbroken

Once again another brilliant discovery thanks to the record company behind Thomsen's Unbroken CD.  I was completely unfamiliar with the band when I received the album via download for review.  Immediately upon spinning Unbroken I delighted in the meaty power metal contained therein, being a consistently growing fan of that sub-genre.  The project is the brainchild of guitarist, composer and general mastermind Rene Thomsen.  Don't worry I had never heard of him either, but it turns out that the October 28, 2014 released Unbroken is the follow up to 2009 issued Let's Get Ruthless.  The roster of players on this album reads with Thomsen and Michael Pesin handling guitars, drums bashed by Max Dietzmann, thundering bass supplied by Ingo Luhring and vocals delivered by Denis Brosowski and Robert Soeterboek.  Alongside these musicians several special guests lend their talents to the record including Udo Dirkschneider and Vinny Appice among others.  Rene Thomsen composed Unbroken's fare together with Helge Engelke, Fair Warning's producer and guitarist.

A delicious helping of classic European power metal, riff laden, guitar noodling solos and biting vocals and that's only the opening "Draw the Curtains" featuring Morbid Angel's David Vincent on bass and Bobby Jarzombek behind the kit.  The not even three minutes long "In Steel We Trust" is a power/thrash metal offering that simply ends far too quickly and showcases Andre Hilgers on drums.  Hilgers supplies the drum portions of the album for tracks "In Steel We Trust", "Break That Spell", "Dream" and "Into the Unknown" while Jarzombek handles "Draw the Curtains", "New Horizon", "Fools of Fortune" and the album's title track "Unbroken".  The album surges on with "New Horizon", "Break the Spell" and "Dream", all power metal treats rampant with riff guitar work and piercing vocals.  "Fools of Fortune" may be the stand out cut for me here on Unbroken with its infectious chorus and blistering pace.  "Into the Unknown" and the album's title track, "Unbroken" maintain the album's pace and style.  The ninth track, "Six Thirteen 
64" is a minute and a half instrumental that serves as an intro to "We Made It".  Both the intro and "We Made It"'s guitar solo were crafted by former U.D.O. guitarist Mathias Dieth and Udo Dirkschneider himself provides the vocals.  The slower paced, moody song was written by Thomsen in remembrance of Ronnie James Dio, during the night following his death and also sees Vinny Appice on drums.  The final two tracks of Unbroken, "One" and "Tears of the Sun", the latter being a recording of a stage rehearsal, feature the band's new vocalist Denis Brosowski.

Definitely a strong power metal effort from Thomsen, enough to have me searching out the debut!  Check out these videos from the album.

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