Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Caught in the Storm of Blades

In my novice days of joining the Decibel Geek ranks (seems so long ago now) one of the early articles I chose to write was about an awesome band that I had recently discovered at the time.  That band's name was Bullet originally formed in Vaxjo Sweden in 1996 and comprised of Dag "Hell"
Bullet Bus-photo by The Meister
Hofer (vocals), Adam Hector (bass), Gustav Hjortsjo (drums), Hampus Klang (guitars) and Erik Almstrom (guitars).  The band has issued four albums prior to 2014's Storm of Blades, Heading For the Top (2006), Bite the Bullet (2008), Highway Pirates (2011) and Full Pull (2012).  Every album is fantastic exuding their straight ahead hard rock sound oft compared to that of AC/DC.  I was excited and fortunate to get the opportunity to see them at Sweden Rock 2013.  While there I even happened across the Bullet Bus (too bad no-one was in it when I passed by) that carries the band from gig to gig.  (Days 1&2 at Sweden Rock 2013) (I Bit The Bullet)
Bullet at Sweden Rock 2013-photo by The Meister

For Storm of Blades Erik Almstrom has departed the Bullet fold and Alexander Lyrbo stepped in to take up the second guitar position.  The album opens with a near minute long "Uprising" intro that doesn't really seem to serve much purpose in my mind, as most intros don't.  After the intro the 
charging guitar riff of "Storm of Blades" leads into the classic sounding Bullet cut which was issued as a single and video back in July.  "Riding High" is up tempo and has a catchy chorus to it while "Tornado" features a great little guitar solo.  The ferocious "Hawk Eyes" is up next but "This One's For You" seems a little like filler to me and is one of the weaker selections, but don't get me wrong it's in no way bad.  That filler feeling doesn't last long as we get into the totally awesome pumping anthem of "Hammer Down" followed by the infectious "It's On""Crossfire" is again a strong composition but the blistering pace of "Run With the Hunted" is a thing of beauty.  Things wrap up with the longest running track "Coming In Loud" which reminds me of a sweeping epic somehow....maybe it's just been a long day, no matter it's a stellar track as is the whole album.  I better hit "play" again right now!

I guess there's not really a glaring "standout" track contained here rather a tight collection of AC/DC (I wonder how they feel about all the AC/DC comparisons) style balls out rockers that collectively surpass their previous Full Pull release.  If I was forced to pick I'd say "Storm of Blades", "Hammer Down" and "It's On" are the top three.  I hope against all hope that there's a US/Canada tour coming up soon, but if not hopefully I can get my fix and take in a Bullet show while I'm over there for Sweden Rock 2015!

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