Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sweden's Adrenaline Rush


The debut release from Adrenaline Rush was recently sent to me for review and upon hearing they hailed from Stockholm, Sweden I instantly cued it up anxious to hear the next revelation from the
Wanning-by Armand Dormmer
Scandinavian country.  The accompanying press release says things like "fronted by one of the most talented and hottest chicks in today’s Hard Rock scene", "promises to fire up the Rock scene with their lethal dose of heavy guitars, infectious hooks and full blown RnR attitude" and "features live oriented tracks with strong melodies, powerful guitars and interesting arrangements".  Well at least I definitely get one out of the three.  Front woman Tave Wanning is certainly hot, albeit perhaps rather young looking.  As for the other two statements, Wanning came from a teen-pop duo called Peaches and I can hear the pop bleed through more than anything throughout this effort.  There are a couple of tracks at the beginning, like "Change", "Black n' Blue" and "Girls Gone Wild", that have the potential to be really good hard rock/glam songs and I imagine would come off well in a live setting with a heavier edge"Generation Left Behind" is the clear standout with it's pulsating riff but the album quickly loses it's hold before too long, much of it being a little on the poppy side for my particular tastes.  Wanning's vocals could do with being a little deeper and
Adrenaline Rush Band Photo
grittier and the guitars need to be more in the forefront and a little beefier.    The band started as a solo project for Wanning but she soon recruited Ludvig Turner (lead guitar, vocals), Alexander Hagman (guitar, vocals), Soufian Ma'Aoui (bass, vocals) and Marcus Johansson (drums) from bands around the Stockholm area.  Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T) helmed the project in the producers chair, but even he can't bring substance to this album.  While the album is not available in North America until August 25th the lead single, "Change" hit the airwaves in late April and I've included the video below.  Take a listen and let me know what you think.

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PHOTOS: Band photo from Official Website / Tave Wanning photo by Armand Dommer

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