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***Sometimes it can be difficult to find that exact article that you're looking for here on the Decibel Geek Website as our writers are hard at work turning out great and personal stories, reviews, interviews and articles.  Check here for an easy reference to all the great past articles, reviews and commentaries in descending chronological order posted on the Decibel Geek Website*** (Please bear with us as we work on this section, adding past works over the next little while to complete the archive)

August 2014
August 26, 2014: Concert Review: Skid Row Toronto  By The Meister
August 24, 2014: Episode #151: Ace's Covers Contenders  By Chris Czynszak
August 22, 2014: Album Reviews: The Oddities of Meister's I-pod  By The Meister
August 19, 2014: Album Review: Adrenaline Rush-Self Titled  By The Meister
August 18, 2014: Album Review: Deep Purple's Perfect Strangers  By Derik Novak
August 17, 2014: Episode #150: Fresh Blood Vol. #2  By Chris Czynszak
August 14, 2014: Concert Review: KISS/Def Leppard Toronto  By Wallygator
August 12, 2014: Album Review: Winger's Better Days Comin'  By David Alpizar
August 10, 2014: Episode #149: Radio Sucks Radio Show Vol. #18  By Chris Czynszak
August 10, 2014: Album Review: X-Drive's Get Your Rock On  By The Meister
August 09, 2014: Concert Review: Tom Keifer Toronto (photos-Rebekka Brennan)  By The Meister
August 04, 2014: Concert Review: Raiding The Rock Vault in Las Vagas  By David Alpizar
August 03, 2014: Episode #148: Anthrax Discussion Part #2  By Chris Czynszak

July 2014
July 31, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Juice Newton  By B.J. Kahuna
July 30, 2014: Remembering Dick Wagner  By Chris Czynszak
July 30, 2014: Concert/Wedding Review: DWaRf Wedding  By Kate Campbell
July 30, 2014: Concert Photos: Rock the Park 2014  By Brian Ronald
July 30, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Brett Favre By B.J. Kahuna
July 30, 2014: Concert Review: Toronto band Skrou in Newmarket  By The Meister
July 29, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: The Beatles  By B.J. Kahuna
July 28, 2014: Album Review: American Dog's Neanderthal  By The Meister
July 28, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Ned's Atomic Dustbin  By B.J. Kahuna
July 27, 2014: Episode #147: KISS Grab Bag  By Chris Czynszak
July 27, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Tom Jones  By B.J. Kahuna
July 26, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Tiny Tim  By B.J. Kahuna
July 25, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Lena  By B.J. Kahuna
July 24, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Genesis  By B.J. Kahuna
July 23, 2014: Six degrees of KISS: The Doors  By B.J. Kahuna
July 22, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Hall & Oates  By B.J. Kahuna
July 21, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: CRASS  By B.J. Kahuna
July 20, 2014: Episode #146: Top 10 KISS Guitar Solos  By Chris Czynszak
July 20, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Crowded House  By B.J. Kahuna
July 19, 2014: Album Review: Thundermother - Rock 'n' Roll Disaster  By The Meister
July 19, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: D-A-D  By B.J. Kahuna
July 18, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Sheena Easton  By B.J. Kahuna
July 17, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Jethro Tull  By B.J. Kahuna
July 17, 2014: Album Review: Judas Priest - Redeemer of Souls  By The Meister
July 16, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Bill Haley & His Comets  By B.J. Kahuna
July 15, 2014: Concert Review: Queen & Adam Lambert in Toronto  By Wallygator
July 15, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Elvis Costello  By B.J. Kahuna
July 14, 2014: Album Review: Swirl - Rise Up  By The Meister
July 14, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Type O Negative  By B.J. Kahuna
July 13, 2014: Episode #145: Conversation With Ken Barr  By Chris Czynszak
July 13, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Billy Crystal  By B.J. Kahuna
July 12, 2014: Album Review: Quiet Riot - Quiet Riot 10  By The Meister
July 12, 2014: Six degrees of KISS: Baltimora  By B.J. Kahuna
July 11, 2014: Six degrees of KISS: Little Richard  By B.J. Kahuna
July 10, 2014: Album Review: Krokus - Long Stick Goes Boom Live...  By The Meister
July 10, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Lana Del Rey  By B.J. Kahuna
July 09, 2014: Six degrees of KISS: Hank Williams  By B.J. Kahuna
July 09, 2014: Album Review: Loudness - The Sun Will Rise Again  By The Meister
July 08, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Tesla  By B.J. Kahuna
July 08, 2014: Concert Photos: Guitar Gods With Yngwie Malmsteen in Toronto  By Brian Ronald
July 07, 2014: Concert Review: Motley Crue/Alice Cooper in Grand Rapids  By The Meister
July 07, 2014: Six degrees of KISS: Midnight Oil  By B.J. Kahuna
July 06, 2014: Episode #144: Conversation With Sher Bach  By Chris Czynszak
July 06, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Frankie Valli  By B.J. Kahuna
July 05, 2014: Concert Photos: Jackyl in Toronto  By Brian Ronald
July 05, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Corrosion of Conformity  By B.J. Kahuna
July 04, 2014: Album Review: U.D.O. - Steelhammer Live in Moscow  By The Meister
July 04, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Fats Domino  By B.J. Kahuna
July 03, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: El Duce  By B.J. Kahuna
July 02, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: Barry White  By B.J. Kahuna
July 01, 2014: Six Degrees of KISS: ABBA  By B.J. Kahuna
July 01, 2014: Album Review: Helix - Bastard of the Blues  By The Meister
July 01, 2014: Concert Photos: Monsters of Rock Cruise  By Brian Ronald

June 2014
June 29, 2014: Episode #143: Anthrax Discussion Part #1  By Chris Czynszak
June 26, 2014: Concert Review: Sweden Rock Sat June 07, 2014  By The Meister
June 23, 2014: Episode #142: 1984 Year in Review Part #2  By Chris Czynszak
June 22, 2014: 12 Albums From 1984  By B.J. Kahuna
June 22, 2014: Commentary: 1984 the Greatest Year of My Youth  By Wallygator
June 20, 2014: Album Review: Sinbreed - Shadows  By Andy Lafon
June 20, 2014: Album Review: Grand Magnus - Triumph & Power  By Andy Lafon
June 19, 2014: Concert Review: Sweden Rock Friday June 06, 2014  By The Meister
June 15, 2014: Episode #141: 1984 Year in Review Part #1  By Chris Czynszak
June 12, 2014: Concert Review: Sweden Rock Thursday June 05, 2014  By The Meister
June 09, 2014: Concert Review: Sweden Rock Wednesday June 04, 2014  By The Meister
June 08, 2014: Episode #140: Love Fest  By Chris Czynszak
June 05, 2014: Concert Review: Sweden Rock The Journey to Solvesborg  By The Meister
June 01, 2014: Episode #139: Conversation With Chuck Garric  By Chris Czynszak
June 01, 2014: Commentary: Rival Sons True Rock Revivalists  By Derik Novak

May 2014
May 30, 2014: Concert Review: Sweden Rock Preparation  By The Meister
May 26, 2014: Album Review: D-A-D - Riskin' It All  By B.J. Kahuna
May 25, 2014: Episode #138: Radio Sucks Radio Show Vol. #17  By Chris Czynszak
May 23, 2014: Album Review: Gun Barrel's Damage Dancer  By The Meister
May 18, 2014: Episode #137: Conversation With KiLLeR DWaRfS  By Chris Czynszak
May 18, 2014: Interview/Concert Review: Steve Lynch of Autograph By The Meister
May 16, 2014: Concert Review: M3 Festival (part #2)  By The Meister
May 12, 2014: Episode #136: Conversation With Mike Tramp  By Chris Czynszak
May 08, 2014: Concert Review: M3 Festival (part #1)  By The Meister
May 04, 2014: Episode #135: Vinnie Vincent Special #5 (Andre Labelle)  By Chris Czynszak
May 30, 2014: Concert Review: Monsters of Rock Cruise Final Day  By The Meister

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