Sunday, April 13, 2014

Monsters of Rock Cruise Memories - Episode 132

Every year, the high seas get rocked a little harder during this time of year and 2014 was no exception. The Monsters of Rock Cruise featured around 40 Decibel Geek-worth artists performing rotating sets in the Bahamas aboard the massive MSC Divina cruise ship and our very own Rich "The Meister" Dillon was on board to take it all in.

Rich "Meister" Dillon came through Nashville on his way back from the Monsters of Rock cruise to join Aaron, Chris, and Decibel Geek writer Andy Lafon for a discussion of all of the music, atmosphere, and debauchery that took place on the high seas. Underscoring this conversation is music from artists aboard the ship such as Cinderella, Killer Dwarfs, Winger, Red Dragon Cartel, and a bunch more. Dig it!

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Unknown said...

It was an excellent epic time had by all. Myself included. From someone who comes from a rural small town in Alaska (but had grown up in Seattle), I'm glad I got to come play in the adult Disneyland where rock stars were running wild, the PA was loud and the crowds gathered to celebrate what we all came together for, rock and roll! Being in the presents of bands I heard back in the day, hearing them again just like 25, thirty years ago - very impressive. The people I met from around the world, new friends that will stay in my life because of this experience. We are truly connected through the love of music. Long live ROCK AND ROLL! :D

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