Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Metal On Ice - LIVE!


Nobody can relate to this week's "Winter Sucks" episode more than the legions of Canadian Decibel Geeks who have had to, and continue to endure one of the coldest, snowiest and seemingly unending winters in many, many years. That said, we are Canadian and the toques, snow shovels, wind chill factors and winter storm warnings all come with the territory. Nobody is more aware of that than our hard working, touring bands that have traversed our country in all kinds of inclement weather to bring forth the rock and metal music to the rock n roll faithful.

Guitarist/Author, Sean Kelly (Crash Kelly, Helix, Four X Fate) has a surefire cure for the winter blues that will be sure to warm your frozen metal hearts. You may have already read his incredible Metal On Ice book that details the trials and tribulations of the Canadian Hard Rock bands throughout the 80's. Or maybe you have already picked up the amazing Metal On Ice EP that features some killer new recordings of some classic Canadian metal. Up next in this "Metal On Ice" saga is one incredible night of live music to be held on May 10th at Toronto's Opera House.

The Electric Storytellers Concert is sure to be a once in a lifetime, metalheads dream. Hosted by former Much Music VJ Christopher Ward and Sean Kelly himself, the evening will feature live performances from Brian Vollmer (Helix), Lee Aaron, Carl Dixon (Coney Hatch), Darby Mills (the Headpins) and Nick Walsh (Slik Toxic) all expertly backed by The MOI house band (Daryl Gray, Dave Langguth, Tim Welch and Sean Kelly). The music, the stories, the history. This will be one special night of rock n roll. Tickets available now click here!

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