Friday, March 28, 2014

Meister's Monsters of Rock Cruise 2014 #12-Away we Go!!

Hello all…the big day is finally arrived (although I'm posting this a couple of days late)!! After an eventful week, today is the day that I desert the Great White North and trek to sunny Miami for my yearly Monsters of Rock Cruise and the assorted debauchery that surrounds the third annual excursion.

Earlier this week the cruisers received some excellent news that had every single one of us (that’s right….all 3500 and I know this because of the Facebook barrages) in an absolute frenzy!  Day one of the shipboard schedule was issued and everyone got to work sharing it around and planning the first day of events after boarding.  I was elated to see just how much stuff was packed into the first day (probably should have expected as much I suppose), but at the same time was devastated…….there would be no time for the “EH” Team photo (a photo with as many Canadians on the ship as we could find) that I had been plotting!  

I had hoped to do it after the life jacket drill for several reasons.  I knew that there was no way that we would get absolutely everyone in on it (there are well over 60 of us now), but I figured that this time frame would be our best shot before we lose people to disembarking in ports, sleeping in, viewing concerts or events or plain and simple drunken forgetfulness.  Every passenger must participate in the life jacket drill by law or face a fine, but it basically just seems like a huge photo opportunity as everyone looks silly wearing the bright orange vests (in a bout of mild uneasiness I did wear mine around a little on the first day of the 2012 cruise that seems so long ago now).  As the MSC cruise line has their photographers on hand to snap that ridiculous shot of you and your friends that is of course available for purchase from the on
 board photo shop during the voyage at a severely inflated cost…..yes I do buy mine, they’re a bit of fun!  My original plan was to snake one of the photographers for our event at the drill and that way there would be a nice glossy 8x10 available.  Certainly better than trying to track down the camera that snapped the shot and hoping that that cruiser had a steady finger.  Alas it wasn't to be with the tightly packed schedule including major performances starting by 4pm!  A window between 5 and 5:45 is likely earmarked for said life jacket fiasco so that’s out and the Killer DWaRfS have a meet & greet at 3pm….so let’s aim for 2pm…..I doubt that I’ll even be on the ship by then, have to play it by ear!

Last year I attempted to post a daily diary of my adventures and it took up so much of my time as it was, but with so much happening so fast I fell further and further behind and the final couple of days came out weeks after I had been back in Canada.  Don’t worry, I’ll still be presenting those daily accounts of the debauchery aboard ship but I won’t start until I return so that I can spend more time enjoying the experience of The Monsters of Rock Cruise.  As much as possible I will try to post some photos to the Facebook page as we go and tell my tales when I return.  The ole liver is nervous but ready, bon voyage!

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