Monday, November 4, 2013

An Open Letter to Demonic Warfare and Richie Mohammed

Dear Richie, Scottie, Jesse and Savage Ian, also known as Demonic Warfare!

Richie, I want to take a moment and speak to you with regards to the review found here on Decibel Geek with hopes of clearing the air. First off, let me start by saying never once did we question your work ethic or your amazing passion for playing music. You clearly love and bleed heavy metal, as I think I have seen you at every single metal show I have ever attended.

In fact, you probably don't remember me but years ago you and I spent some time outside a WASP concert (at Toronto's Opera House) discussing the finer points of RATT as I was wearing a Ratt bandana that night. You were passionate and animated and I enjoyed the conversation as we waited outside only to get snubbed by Blackie when he walked out of his trailer ignoring his fans as he entered the building.

I read your posting that you sent to the Decibel Geek Facebook page and as I read about your band situation, I was both taken aback with all your bands troubles and more importantly about the financial situation playing a simple gig could cause you. Having to pay to play is a disgusting practice and making you responsible for moving tickets for a "mismatched" show is extremely unfair. It is commendable that you took on the financial burden for your band to play.

Being a musician myself (although not a very good one) I understand first hand what it takes to be in a band and the hard work and dedication it takes to make it happen. The fact that you guys made that show happen is in of itself very commendable.

On behalf of us here at Decibel Geek, I would also like to apologize if you took the words personally and I will also say that the words chosen could have been better selected but Richie, hurting peoples feelings are not why I have chosen to write for the Decibel Geek so for that I am truly sorry.

That said Richie, a concert review is simply an opinion of a band's performance. We all have different tastes and styles and you can't deny that Demonic Warfare's music is both a mismatch to the sugary pop metal of Slaughter as well as an aggressive and angry metal assault. Kate's "Why are these guys so angry?" comment was directed at your genre's music and her personal tastes lean more to the more melodic metal bands. We all have the right to our tastes and opinions and no, we certainly do not think we are Rolling Stone.

Lastly, I want to say that the way you jumped to your band's defense shows the lengths you will go to to defend your band and your music is refreshing and a testament to your character. That "all for one" attitude is what more bands need today and will serve you well. Like I said earlier, our review was an opinion and we honestly hope there are no hard feelings.

In an act of sincerity and good faith, I want to encourage all of our readers and listeners to check out Demonic Warfare. If you are into the heavier sounds of Slayer and Kreator, I am sure some of you out there are going to dig them. If you do, hit them up on Facebook and let them know that you heard about them through Decibel Geek!

Demonic Warfare Facebook Page..hit like here!


Wally Norton, Rich Dillon and Kate Campbell
and all at Decibel Geek.

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