Sunday, September 8, 2013

Episode 101 - Holidaze


September is the gateway to autumn; leaves changing, kids in school, football on the weekends.....and a ton of strange holidays. America continues its downward spiral into over-thinking everything and Chris and Aaron use it to their advantage this week as their song choices are inspired but some of the nutty holidays that take place in September.

September 5th is Cheese Pizza Day in the United States. Chris' choice of a track from Motley Crue's 1989 Dr. Feelgood album hits the spot.

September 2nd is Labor Day. While this one isn't wacky at all, it was too good to resist using as inspiration for Aaron's pick from Motorhead's Snake Bite Love album.

September 16th is Working Parents Day in America. While there were lots of choices that could have been made, Chris throws a curve ball with his mother-ly choice of a song from Dope's Life album.

September 6th is Fight Procrastination Day. Putting things off is a common trait for many people and this holiday surely hits home for lots of people. Aaron's choice of a pick about the hope of love on the near future from KISS' 1980 Unmasked album is an interesting one.

September 17th is Constitution Day. While laws and rights are all about what make up America's number one document, Chris goes across the ocean for a pick from Hardcore Superstar's 2013 C'mon Take on Me album.

No look at important dates in the month of September hold more weight than September 11th. This date is burned into the minds of all that witnessed it and the guys had to address it in this episode. Aaron's choice of a track from LA Guns' Waking the Dead album is a fitting tribute to some of the heroes from that fateful day.

Continuing on a serious note is Chris choice of a song to celebrate September 13th; Fortune Cookie Day. Just kidding. It's actually quite a stretch but well worth it to spin a track from Thin Lizzy's legendary Bad Reputation album from 1977.

September 13th is Blame Someone Else Day. This day is probably popular in Washington. Either way, Aaron picka a track from Poison's debut album Look What the Cat Dragged In.

September 23rd is Dog in Politics Day. What does this mean? We have no idea but it was enough impetus for Chris to pick a track from Krokus' new album Dirty Dynamite. The video is a must-see.

We close out the show with Aaron's pick of a track from Ugly Kid Joe's America's Least Wanted album that helps celebrate September 28th; Good Neighbor Day.

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You guys can come up and host a show from here anytime!, The Meister and I will start chilling the "Canadian" beer, it would save us from having to hijack the show again LOL!

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