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So You Wanna Be A Rock N Roll Star - League of Rock


May 15, 2013

Today I embark on a new Rock n Roll journey. Today I strap on my bass guitar, join a band and share the same stage as Mick and Keith! Today my journey to become a rock star like the ones I interview and review for the Decibel Geek begins. Well sort of, let me explain...

For those that do not know me, my passion is and always has been MUSIC. If I am not listening to my iPod, watching a live concert DVD, catching a live show or just writing about it all for the Decibel Geek website then I could probably be found in my family room, in my pyjamas wielding my bass guitar rocking out to some ACDC or Judas Priest. Usually with my wife and daughter rolling their eyes or laughing at my "metal" moves as I rock out through my wireless headphones.

So about a month ago, my wonderful wife surprised me with what just might be the greatest birthday gift ever. She enrolled me in the League of Rock. When I found out, I had never heard of the LOR so I jumped on the computer and did some reading. This was going to be cool. Very F'n cool!

Formed by Terry Moshenberg and his partner Topher Stott, the League of Rock is a ten week program that puts "closet" musicians into bands, gives them rehearsal space, professional coaching, live showcases, time in a professional recording studio with a producer and the final week a live show at a premier Rock Club for friends and family. Kind of like a "pickup hockey league" but for musicians. Let's face it, who hasn't dreamed of rocking the stages of the world at some point in their lives. "So you wanna be a rock and roll star?"  - the Birds.

So tonight I got off work and headed downtown to the "Orbit room" (the very cool club owned by Alex Lifeson of RUSH) for a cold beer and the league of rock's JAB (join a band) night. This is where I would be meeting my band mates and choosing some of the songs that we would start working on for the coming weeks.

When I arrived, it was clearly apparent that many of the people there already knew each other. Welcoming hugs and handshakes were everywhere and it seems that being the 25th session of the LOR, they have attracted a good share of repeat customers.

As a "newbie" I grabbed a cold beer and a seat and awaited what was next. Terry and Topher both took the stage and welcomed the group. Promising all an amazing time they "roll called" the five bands that would spend the next ten weeks working together creating some raw rock n roll.
I was called onto the stage to join band number 2. From there we headed off to a spot in the bar where we spent the next hour introducing ourselves and getting down to the business at hand. Choosing some songs that we might like to start on for next weeks rehearsal. Sabbath, Zeppelin and others were tossed around as ideas and we jotted down a few titles that might make it into our setlist.

My band consists of Scott Purdy (guitar), John Hooke (guitar), Jim Delaney (drums), Laurie Crisp (vocals) and myself on the bass. Complete strangers today, but in ten short weeks we will be onstage performing a short set of live rock and roll. Next week it gets real but before then I have some serious homework to do. Learning some of these songs!!

So I have decided to document my journey and share it with you. "I wanted to capture the sights, the sounds and the smells of a real rock band". - Marty DiBergi

To learn more about the League of Rock click here


Unknown said...

That's so cool!! I might need to dust off my BC Rich Warlock for the next session!! I can't wait to hear more about it! Rock on!!

The Meister said...

uuuuhhhh as much as I'd love to join you two, I'm tone deaf (so I'm told) and play no instruments......I can however consume beer and take photographs if need be!!

Unknown said...

I've done League of Rock twice. You won't regret it! Looking forward to reading your posts. Paul Mitchell.

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