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Kissin' Time Release Day - Spiro Papadatos/Bobnoxious Interview

It's Halloween so I suppose it's time for a treat! For Part 2 of our KISSIN' TIME - Canada's Tribute to KISS Interviews, we speak with long time Kiss family member Spiro Papadatos and Bob from the band Bobnoxious about the new tribute CD released today, October 31st, 2012. Thirteen Kiss classics from thirteen Canadian INDIE Artists with all proceeds going to SICKKIDS Foundation (Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital).
DBG: For those that might not know who Spiro Papadatos is, please take a moment to introduce yourself and inform us of your rather interesting affiliation with KISS.

SPIRO: Hi Wally, thanks for spreading the word about KISSIN’ TIME and supporting SickKids Foundation! I am a Canadian artist, graphic designer, musician and tour manager. I’m also one of the producers of KISSIN’ TIME. I've worked with KISS in many different roles since 1995. I started off as their merchandise manager and then became a part of their tour management team. In addition to designing numerous KISS merchandise items, I've also been involved in several other KISS projects over the years as a graphic designer, videographer and photographer. I even shot pyro on the last tour. Whatever needs to be done.

DBG: I guess we should start at the beginning, how did this whole idea for this KISSIN’TIME CD get started?

SPIRO: A few months ago, Gord Prior called and asked if I’d be interested in singing and playing bass on a song he was recording for a KISS tribute CD. Before saying yes, I asked him who was putting out the CD and where the money was going. He said Jason Jansekovich for Keep It Live came up with the idea to promote the Canadian independent music scene and to raise money for a local charity. I immediately thought it was a great idea and got involved more from a production standpoint. We all agreed as parents, that SickKids Foundation in Toronto would be an important charity to support.

DBG: Tell us a little about the SickKids Foundation and what lead to choosing this wonderful cause?

SPIRO: There are so many great charities that are worthy of our support but we felt that it was kind of a no-brainer that we should help a charity that provides the best health care for children. What is more important than our children?

DBG: How were the bands chosen for the project and can you tell us a little about them?

SPIRO: Jason reached out to a lot of the bands he works with and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Before we knew it, there was a long line of bands trying to get involved. We narrowed it down to 12 songs and added a bonus track at the last minute because there were so many great tracks to choose from. There are a lot of amazing bands on this CD and all of the bands are big KISS fans. That certainly wasn’t a prerequisite but it does help when you’re trying to recapture the spirit and attitude of a KISS song. The only criteria was that you had to be a Canadian Independent artist and you were responsible for paying for and contributing your own finished track to the project. None of the artists are being compensated for their work. Everybody did this strictly for charity and for the love of KISS. Everyone delivered their tracks on time and all of the recordings are top-notch. No filler.
DBG: Now I see that you, yourself have covered “Rock and Roll All Nite” and was wondering who played with you on the track?
SPIRO: It's actually just me and Steve Georgakopoulos playing on this track. I played bass and sang lead and background vocals and Steve played guitar. Aaron Murray, who also recorded and mixed the track, programmed the drums. We also invited a few friends to come in and sing background vocals to help recreate that iconic chorus.
DBG: I understand that this project has been approved by Kiss themselves and was curious to know if they have heard any of the tracks and what they thought?
SPIRO: Well, I'm not sure where this approval came from but they definitely are aware of the project. The band was kind enough to help us promote the CD by posting a press release and links to the KISSIN' TIME Facebook and Bandcamp pages on I know they've heard at least one track because I played my version of Rock And Roll All Nite for Gene and Paul when we were on tour in Europe a couple of months ago. They seemed genuinely impressed.
DBG: Beyond the actual CD itself, are there plans for any live shows? Personally I would love to see a big KISSIN’ Time benefit concert featuring some, if not all the bands. Maybe even an ALIVE reunion?
SPIRO: Not that I know of. Good idea though. The plan is to raise as much money for SickKids as possible.
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*Bob of Bobnoxious
DBG: How did Bobnoxious come to be a part of the Kissin Time CD

Bob: We were asked if we would like to take part and of course we said yes, it's for a great cause and it's always fun recording a cover song of one of your favourite bands growing up

DBG: Who in the band is the biggest Kiss fan?

Bob: We are all big Kiss fans

DBG: How did you choose the song C'Mon and Love Me as your choice for the album?

Bob: C'mon and Love me is off of Dressed To Kill as everybody knows, and I have to say that is my favourite Kiss record, that being said I just picked one from there, there's a few we could've played.

DBG: If there is anything else you would like to add about the recording of your track, the CD in general or anything else please do

Bob: We are the only band on the cd to open for Kiss too, at Sarnia Bayfest, which was a blast. I have a great picture of Gene playing my Gibson Flying V, he came up behind me while I was changing strings and stated, "That's an old beauty, can I touch it?" I turned and looked at him and quickly he said, " I mean the guitar !" ...ya gotta love it.

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