Thursday, September 27, 2012

the ONLY rock/metal thing I did in 1991


Andrew Jacobs here,

As I've previously mentioned in one or two of my posts, I didn't really become a full bore rock and metal fan until I got heavily into KISS and Pantera in 1993, so in 1991, I was still pretty much exclusively a punk and hardcore guy with a heaping tablespoonful of rap and hip hop (yes, you read correctly, RAP AND HIP HOP) thrown in for good measure.

Despite that though, I did manage to do one rock/metal thing that year - I saw the movie Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey in the theater on opening night (July 19, 1991).

And I loved every second of it.

So much so, in fact, that the very next day, I went over to one of my local record stores (there were quite a few back then) and purchased the soundtrack to it.  NOT for all of the great rock and metal songs on it, however.  I wanted it solely for "The Reaper Rap".  I was hoping to hear The Reaper (a.k.a. William Sadler, in perhaps not only his greatest acting performance but THE greatest acting performance of all time) spit some funky verse for a few minutes.  Unfortunately, it was not to be and I subsequently traded the soundtrack in a day or two later (probably for a punk, hardcore or rap/hip hop CD).

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