Monday, September 10, 2012

the first actual rock (well, sort of) concert I went to


Andrew Jacobs here,

Although I've existed on a steady diet of rock and metal for almost my entire music listening life, pictured above is yours truly holding the ticket stub from the first actual rock (well, sort of) concert I went to - Sting at The Forum on March 20, 1988.  That's right folks, my concert-going cherry was not busted by KISS or Van Halen or Motley Crue or even Guns N' Roses (though I did see GNR the following year when they opened for The Rolling Stones).  My concert-going cherry was, in fact, busted by STING.

The one bit of saving grace that I take away from this is on Frank Zappa's (my favorite artist of all time) Broadway The Hard Way album, Zappa included a performance that Sting did with Zappa's band of The Police's "Murder By Numbers" where Sting took a nice little potshot at televangelist Jimmy Swaggart (just as Sting had done when I saw him in concert).  Other than that though, I have absolutely no defense whatsoever of this stain on my rock/metal cred.

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Brad Kalmanson said...

My first show was either 1990 or 1991. My dad took me to see ZZ Top w/ Extreme at the (then) Brendan Byrne Arena in NJ. He couldn't take the volume at all. My second show was the Guns N' Metallica Tour at Giants Stadium.

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