Monday, August 6, 2012

Uno! Dos! Tre!...New Green Day!


Rock Trio week at the Decibel Geek gets UNO, DOS, TRE!...
It's been over three years since Green Day released 21st Century Breakdown but our patience is about to be rewarded. Green Day are about to hit us hard with not one new album. Not Two new albums! BUT THREE NEW ALBUMS! The punk rock trio have been feeling so prolific as they started writing new material that they decided a trilogy of new albums would be the best way to deliver all the songs they were coming up with.

In a nice creative marketing endeavor that reminds me back to when Guns and Roses delivered both Use Your Illusion albums on the same day, Green Day are getting ready to release three complete albums each about 2 months apart! The first UNO! will hit September 25th, 2012,the first single "Oh Love" is available now.

This will be followed by "Dos!" to be released November 13th, 2012 and finally "Tre!" on January 15th, 2013. Produced by longtime producer Rob Cavallo, the album(s) will not follow in the rock opera theme of both American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. Armstrong has been quoted as saying "the songs are punchier power pop, somewhere between AC/DC and the Beatles.
I was introduced to Green Day when Dookie exploded onto the scene and I was immediately caught up with the melodic pop punk sounds of that great album. Through the years I have enjoyed many of their songs until they released the absolute classic American Idiot album. American Idiot is ranked right up there with Rumours, Back in Black, Appetite for Destruction and all those "planets have aligned" albums that leave us with almost every song as a hit single.

They truly have become a part of American culture and I am looking forward to some new music from these three fun loving Punk and Rollers! And then some more music and then some more music! Uno, Dos, Tre!

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Tre will now be released on December 11th!!

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