Monday, August 20, 2012

A look back at some Girls, Girls, Girls


1987. What can you say about that year without bringing up Motley Crue. After the smash 'THEATRE OF PAIN', album , tour and Vince Neil’s legal issues, you could say the guys really, REALLY needed to hit one out the park...LITERALLY. Enter songs of sex, strippers, drugs, alcohol , near death and daily decadence and you got the Motley Crue's greatest album to date.

GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS took listeners on a musical Harley Davidson tour of L.A’s hottest strip clubs, wild nights filled with debauchery, dancing on glass and fatal attractive love. Nikki Sixx, being the chief songwriter dug deep into his pain and heroin comas to show us the guys STILL could whip out a solid effort; even it did almost tear them to shreds.

The song ‘Girls,Girls,Girls’ was the guys way of saying thank you to all the strippers and wannabe strippers of the world. The song rocked, and the video was hot!!! MTV showed the video ONE time, and never showed it again. The video showed the guys doing what they did best. Riding their bikes, going from club to club, watching and loving the ladies. Even showed a future Mrs Neil(again another day,another blog). While many of men and fans cheered the bold, sexy(Cuz Nikki was just HOTTER THAN FISH GREASE...sorry, had to add that) yet daring video,many called it sexist and downright cruel to women...LITERALLY. But that’s another issue.
Wildside' took listeners to the ends of hell. Vince Neil sung the band’s ode to decadence, debauchery, and excess of fun, drugs, booze and women.

'Dancing on Glass' was a great song, if you don't listen to the lyrics. Sixx says he wrote the song, as a way to tell the tale of his fight with heroin. It would be ten years later before I would sit and actually listen to the song. Still a great song, but damn, he had some issues.

'Bad Boy Boogie', is the party starter. Words can't really do the song justice. It is just that good. The bass and drums lead the song perfectly as Mick hits his cords perfectly while Vince sings his heart and soul. As they said 'Better lock your daughters when the Motleys hit the road'. AND THEY MEANT IT...

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS took Motley Crue and gave the guys a larger stage to stand on and spread their message of Party Hard, PARTY FOREVER!!! The guys were already famous , yes, and this album proved to everyone, critics included that said their careers weren't just a flash in the pan. These guys were(and STILL) are the BEST at their craft. Vince sings every song like his life depends on it. Mick plays guitar like he was born with a six string and pick in hand. Nikki and Tommy keep the rhythm as if they were placed together to do just that one task in life.

‘Sumthin For Nothin' was another great tune. The lyrics were as always full on balls out. The guitar work was on point. 'You're All I Need' was a strange song of a love lost to another. The ‘If I cant have you then nobody will’ song. It was some years later that I would read in his book later, that Nikki actually wrote that song for Jack Wagner. Seemed Mr Wagner kinda wooed his chick away from him, and Nikki was rather pissed...WOW 
Twenty plus years later, the Crue STILL struts. Granted, there were a few stints in rehab (pick a member), jail(again, pick a member), EVEN group therapy. Oh, and lets not forget the firing of Vince; I call the ‘Dark Days’ . Aside from the Scorpions, I think Motley Crue is the one of few with its original members still in tact. I can’t wait to see what the next 20 yrs bring from Motley Crue!!!!!!

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