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Fantasy Kiss List


"Do you want to play a game?" Kissmas in July is shaping up to be a fun filled Kiss extravaganza of epic proportions. There is so much going on in the world of Kiss right now but there is one thing that is not going on. One thing that continues to stay the same and it's been the topic of all kinds of conversation and debate and that is the NEVER changing Kiss Setlist.

When Kiss did the Reunion tour they went on the road playing a setlist that contained songs that the original four members had been involved in. That made perfect sense at the time as it was a time to look back, remember and reflect. That, however was 16 years ago and there have many tours and countless shows since then.

Since then there has really been very little variety in the Kiss concert setlist. Yes they did open up the catalogue a little (very little), adding a few non-makeup hits here and there and but by and large there has been very little change. I understand that there are some songs that the "casual" fan expect to hear when they buy a ticket to see Kiss. That said I also understand that there is also a large number of fans that are loyal, attend every tour, spend more $$ on the band (that was to get Gene's attention) and quite frankly are getting bored with the same 13 songs every time we go.

So let's play a game Decibel Geeks!  It's like fantasy football for the Kiss fan. Who knows? If we get enough people playing the game it might even get to the attention of the band themselves. That would be amazing. So here are the rules...below is the set list for the recent London Kiss show...

Detroit Rock City
Hell or Hallelujah
Shout it Out Loud
Makin Love
I Love it Loud
Shock Me
Calling Dr. Love
100 000 Years
Love Gun
Black Diamond

Crazy Nights
Lick it Up
Rock n Roll all Nite

Fourteen songs in total and don't. get me wrong, I love these songs. I would just love to see the band mix it up some. This is your turn to be the ultimate armchair Kiss Geek quarterback. Create your own fantasy Kiss Setlist. It must include 14 Kiss songs. It must include the new single "Hell or Hallelujah" and it MUST NOT include any other song from the London show. They can be from any Kiss album or even the solo albums.

C'mon Kiss Army, let your voice be heard and tell the world what you want to hear!

Here's my fantasy "Kiss Setlist"...

Creatures of the Night
Hot and Cold
Who Want's to be Lonely
Room Service
Rock n Roll Hell
A Million to One
I Stole Your Love
Plaster Caster
Flaming Youth

Fits Like a Glove
Hell or Hallelujah
Let Me Go Rock n Roll


RJhog (Classic Rock Bottom) said...

I Stole Your Love

King Of The Night Time World

Room Service

Almost Human

Hell Or Hallelujah

Master And Slave

Getaway (Eric on vocals)

Goin' Blind

I'm A Legend Tonight

Save Your Love (Tommy on vocals)

Secretly Cruel

Take Me

Young And Wasted

Let Me Know

RJhog (Classic Rock Bottom) said...

Wallygator, I dig your setlist as well, with one exception. I'm not a fan of Fits Like A Glove, so I'd prefer something different.

Wallygator said...

Uh Oh, Eric singin Peter songs? Tommy singing Ace songs? Are you nuts? That is just looking for trouble! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Ok, first off, I have to say I am in full agreement with you on this. The only thing I will DIS-agree on is that the 2004 tour had a buttload of obscure songs AND hits...and they changed the setlist every night. Now why can't they do that now? Why was "Christeen Sixteen" good enough to play in 2004 but not today? Why was "Love Her All I Can" and "All the way" good enough to play in 2004 but not today?? And (last one) why on EARTH was "All Hell's Breakin' Loose" good enough to be on MTV and be played live in '84 but not today???

Their philosophy kills me. Their catering to the "casual fan" is kinda getting sickening to me especially when I hear Paul Stanley's disdain for "die-hard" fans in interviews. Pretty insulting if you ask me as "die-hard" fans are the ones that put them Kiss they are...IMHO. Setlist to follow...

Anonymous said...

my ideal ginfire...

01) Creatures of the Night
02) I Pledge Allegiance.......
03) Cold Gin
04) Hell or Hallelujah
05) All Hell's Breakin' Loose
06) Hard Luck Woman (Eric Vox)
07) Larger Than Life
08) When Lightning Strikes (Tommy Vox & Solo)
09) Magic Touch
10) God Of Thunder (Gene Solo. Nothing else really works IMHO)
11) A Million to One
12) Not For the Innocent
13) Psycho Circus
14) God Gave Rock & Roll to You

This was hard. I tried to be semi realistic with some "wish list" thrown in for good measure. Fav "wish list" to date would be Larger Than Life. I'd shit twice and die if they ever played that live...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

This was very hard ya know! lol

1. Hell or Hallelujah
2. Creaures Of The Night
3. The Oath
4. She
5. Exciter
6. I´m An Animal
7. Is That You?
8. Danger
9. Yes I Know (Nobody´s Perfect)
10. Radioactive
11. War Machine

12. Modern Day Delilah
13. Under the Gun
14. Rockin' In The U.S.A.

The Meister said...

This was a very hard exercise, they have so many great tunes, but here's my idea:
1.All American Man
2.Hell or Hallelujah
3.Love In Chains
4.Is That You?
5.Let's Put The X In Sex
6.My Way
8.Thou Shalt Not
9.Do You Love Me
10.War Machine
11.The Street Giveth And The Street Taketh Away
13.Rip It Out
14.All Hell's Breakin' Loose

Honorable mention to I.

Kiss tickets said...

I saw Kiss the last 2 times they came around the East Coast..they put on a great show and play all the old classic songs!! For the price of tickets they are always at good prices !!! Enjoy!

ali said...

My name is Alison Howard and I am a huge Kiss fan and I would like to let you have my fantasy Kiss list 1.Modern Day Delilah 2."All For The Glory" Eric Singer vocals 3.Unholy 4. Take It Off 5. Do you Love Me 6. Black Diamond Eric Singer vocals 7.Nothing To Lose Eric Singer vocals 8. Forever 9.Hell Or Hallelujah 10. Watching You Eric Singer on harmonica 11. I Just Wanna 12.Domino 13. Let's Put The X In Sex 14.War Machine and I have seen Kiss in concert at Wembley Arena on May 12th 2010 myself and my friend saw them in concert it was amazing we really enjoyed ourselves when Eric and Tommy had their drum and guitar solos when Tommy fired rockets from his guitar then he let his guitar fly up into the air and when he was on stage and he rose up into the air and when Eric was on stage he rose up into the air and after he finished playing his drums he said "Check This Out" and then he got out his gigantic Bazooka and fired it into the air after the interval when Paul Stanley got Eric Singer down onto the stage from behind his drums so that the Kiss Army fans could sing happy birthday to him when Paul Stanley said that he was twelve years old Eric just smiled shrugged his shoulders and he threw his drumsticks into the crowd the pyrotechnics was brilliant and so loud that I literally fell off my seat onto the floor my favorite member of Kiss is Eric Singer and I am in love with him my nickname is Eric Singer's Girl(aka Cat-Girl) an Eric Singer and Kiss fan Alison Howard


Creatures of the night
Hell or Halleluya
love em leave em
nowhere to run
hell or high water
when lightning strikes
all hells breaking loose
all for the glory
larger than life
take me
all the way
I stole your love

Joey said...

1. Hell or Hallelujah
2. I Stole Your Love (Great follow up song for HOH)
3. Goin Blind
4. Ladies In Waiting
5. Rocket Ride (Tommy Vocal)
6. Forever (Yes it's time to bring this big hit back into the setlist.)
7. Fits Like A Glove
8. Young & Wasted (Eric Singer Vocal)
9. Bass Solo / Unholy (Loved this on Rock The Nation Tour.)
10. Never Enough
11. Sure Know Something
12. Sweet Pain
13. Nothin To Lose (Eric Singer Vocal)
14. God Gave Rock n Roll To You II

RJhog (Classic Rock Bottom) said...

To the Meister, Love In Chains is a tremendous song. That's a great pick on your part.

Bill (KISS fan since 1978) said...

Anonymous on July 9th, who mentioned "All Hell's Breakin' Loose." For the record, Tommy Thayer has stated in the past that he would like to do it.

Anonymous said...

1. Detroit Rock City
2. Shout It Out Loud
3. Deuce
4. Got Love For Sale
5. Love Gun
6. Almost Human/Rocket Ride
7. Hell or Hallelujah
8. Bass Solo/God Of Thunder
9. Christine Sixteen
10. Firehouse
11. I Was Made For Lovin' You

12. Drum Solo/Shock Me/Hooligan
13. Black Diamond
14. Rock n Roll All Nite w/ Guitar Solo

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