Sunday, July 1, 2012

The best music-related movie you never saw in your life


I hate writing reviews (plus I suck at it), so I copied and pasted a brief description from Netflix of the movie below. I will say this though - I think Sugar Town is a MUCH better movie than Grace Of My Heart, another (and way more popular) one of writer/director Allison Anders' music-related movies.

"This stinging yet poignant film explores the Los Angeles music scene, a treacherous world where people on every rung of the ladder exploit one another in pursuit of success, including Gwen (Jade Gordon), a young singer willing to sleep her way to the top. Intertwined with Gwen's story are the struggles of members of a faded pop band -- Clive (John Taylor), Nick (Michael Des Barres) and Jonesy (Martin Kemp) -- attempting a comeback."

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Brian Odermatt said...

I have a couple. 1.) SPINAL TAP. 2.) Still Crazy. 3.)That thing you do. And my all time favorite, ROCKSTAR. Love the music and that was my life back in the 80's. Such sweet memories. LOL

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