Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Episode 39 - Bizzaro Covers II


Without question, one of the more popular theme shows the Decibel Geek podcast has ever produced was our Bizzaro Covers episode which featured hard rock and metal bands performing non-hard rock and metal songs.

While original material is always a joy to listen to (unless it's being produced by Nickelback), a good cover song that puts a new spin or perspective on a song provokes emotion and can trigger the listener into liking something they normally wouldn't even care about.

Before we dive right in to the music, there are a few things we need to pimp. Our Canadian correspondent Wally Norton recently scored a great interview with Coney Hatch singer Carl Dixon that was picked up by a few other web media outlets.

Also discussed are some wonderful comments from this week's Geek of the Week. To be qualify for Geek of the Week simply head over to our facebook fan page and click LIKE; simple as that.

Of course, if you want to go one step beyond and tell a friend or write a review in iTunes, your chances go up exponentially (who said payola is dead?).

To round off the news, we discuss a commentary that Decibel Geek podcast host Chris Czynszak wrote in response to the recent reveal of the price of KISS' new Monster book and the harsh reaction that has been echoed by about 99% of the KISS Army. Consider a second mortgage.

We dug deep this week to bring you some gems that you may have not heard before. While there are a number of bands you've heard of, there's a couple oddball choices as well. All of the songs are certainly not what we typically play but we think you'll agree that they all benefit from a harder production. As the cheesy Autograph tune used to say, "Things go better with rock."

Artists Included:

Vince Neil
Wednesday 13
L.A. Guns
Foo Fighters

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Wally said...

Listening to the episode on the way to work. Tattoos and Tequillia is a pretty solid album and the Toto cover is really good! Thanks for an enjoyable ride to another day at work.

RJhog (Classic Rock Bottom) said...

This is a great way to start off the morning. I just got out from under the covers, now I’m right back in ‘em. I counted 2 strikes on this show, however, that means there were a lot of great picks. I’ll start with those.

Dungeon, W.A.S.P., Metallica and Foo Fighters were great picks from you guys. Than Anthrax cover of Ball of Confusion was excellent as well. Have you heard Tesla’s cover of that same song? It’s on one of the Real to Reel discs and it is outstanding as well. I have to say the two Tesla covers discs are probably my favorite of all cover discs. The have an outstanding cover of Rock Bottom by UFO on there as well. You should check those out if you haven’t heard them.

The Cake cover of I Will Survive is a personal favorite of mine. We did a covers week on Classic Rock Bottom that was inspired by your first Bizzaro Covers show, and low and behold, what did I have on my list? Why yes, it was the very same Cake cover. Check it out HERE if you are interested. I also had the H.I.M. cover of Wicked Game on my short list. I just didn’t have room for it. That one is cool as well. I’d say my favorite of the covers that you played that was new to me was LA Guns cover of Let It Rock. I would never guess it was a hip hop cover.

And now, the strikes. Vince Neil. I’m not a big fan, but believe it or not, I bought that album. I don’t care for the cover you picked because I don’t think Vince is a very good vocalist and it really shows on this song for me. But, I do like one song a good bit from that album, and that’s his cover of Cheap Trick’s He’s A Whore. He did a really good job on that. Also, Wednesday 13 or whoever that is, absolutely butchered Running Down A Dream. I’m doing a Petty feature right now on Classic Rock Bottom. I’m going through his entire catalog in the Album Of The Week feature, and he’s too good for this junk. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

Brian Odermatt said...

I'm walking to the bus stop going to work listening the Podcast and I hear Chris start mentioning my name and I stop abruptly and go " Did I just hear what I thought I heard?" Then after a few seconds i sinks in and I go "YA!!" Thanks Dude Made my Day!! The Toto cover was my favorite today.
We Canadians are having quite the impact on the Decibel Geek Pod Casts. You see I'm the Geek of the Week and I'm from Surrey, BC. (Basically just outside of Vancouver on the west coast.)
If you dudes do another one you should play Van Halen's YOU'RE NO GOOD. One of the best tunes they every did and it's a Linda Ronstadt song. Totally different from the original. TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)

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