Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bruce Kulick Reflects on AudioDog

Bruce Kulick has been posting some seriously cool stuff on his website and we want to help draw our fellow Decibel Geeks' attention to it.

Recently, Bruce posted a huge look back at the Revenge recording sessions to help celebrate the album's 20th anniversary and now he's back with another cool commentary.

Today, Bruce released his track by track take on his first solo album, Audiodog. If you haven't checked this album out, you owe it to yourself to purchase it. Recorded on a 16 track analogue recorder, Audiodog has a very personal connection to Bruce outside of it being his first foray into the solo world. 

The album was recorded at Bruce's home studio with his best friend and pet, Joe, by his side for the recording of the album. When Bruce was trying to think of a title for the album, Audiodog popped into his imagination and helped him realize his connection with Joe. The new extended version of Audiodog is being released in Joe's honor and Bruce gets you primed with his in-depth commentary on each track.

Bruce will be in our neck of the woods (Nashville) in September with Grand Funk Railroad and we are hoping to get a chance to talk to him while he's in town. Fingers crossed...

In the meantime, check out the commentary!

- Chris Czynszak

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