Monday, May 28, 2012

The time I met an under the weather Ace Frehley (only slightly more exciting than the Kerry King encounter)


Andrew Jacobs here,

Pictured above is my ticket stub from the Ace Frehley/Peter Criss concert that I went to on their Bad Boys of Rock tour together in 1995.  Because I was a member of Ace's Rock Soldiers fan club at the time, I was able to meet Ace after the show as well.

After standing in line for a while with the other Rock Soldiers waiting to meet Ace, I finally got up to him and the rest of the band. Ace was clearly under the weather that night and he greeted me with a very unspirited "what's up?" (basically the polar opposite of how he was during KISS's infamous Tom Snyder interview back in '79).

After having Ace autograph my Trouble Walkin' CD and one or two other things, I decided to attempt to brighten his spirits somewhat with a joke (which, because of the sheer datedness of it, won't be funny at all now).  The joke was "what's the difference between O.J. Simpson and Christopher Reeve?".  However, before I could deliver the punch line, one of Ace's bandmates beat me to it and said "O.J.'s gonna walk".

That's it. Told ya it was only slightly more exciting than the Kerry King encounter.

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