Monday, May 21, 2012

In Photos - KISS Euro Tour 1976

KISS is one of the most world-traveled band in rock history but it wasn't always that way. Today, we take a look at the fearsome foursome's first trip outside of North America with some photos snapped during their 1976 European Tour.

This is an interesting set of photos due to the fact that the band opened this tour in support of Destroyer but were still wearing their Alive! era costumes. Some of the coolest photos in this set show the band posing holding promo photos where they are wearing the new costumes. This tour was not billed as The Destroyer Tour or the Alive! Tour but simply KISS Tour. The band did, however, perform Detroit Rock City as well as Flaming Youth off of the then-new album.

The tour began in Manchester, England on 5/13/76 and ended in Grundigshalle, Nuremburg, Germany on 6/4/76. Most, if not all, of these photos are from KISS' stops in Sweden 5/26-30.

Photos by Hans Hartviq and Peter Klain and supplied by KISS Legends Alive. Tour info from KISSFAQ.

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Metal Shrine said...

Yeah, the live shots are from the amusement park Gröna Lund and the outdoor ones are from a place called Skansen in Stockholm. These places are located opposite each other. Hatwig was the guy behind POSTER magazine. Gene holds a copy in one of the photos. The unmasked ones I believe are from Gothenburg.

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