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Episode 29 - Top 5 Brian Johnson Era AC/DC Songs


We're back this week to give you a Stiff Upper Lip after we Flick the Switch and Blow Up Your Video; making you feel like a Fly on the Wall who needs some Black Ice to recover from a Ballbreaker. If that doesn't give you a clue as to what we're talking about, then we'll spell it out for you....AC/DC.

While the Bon Scott era of AC/DC laid the foundation of what we have today, we wanted to take an episode to appreciate some of the highlights of the Brian Johnson era of the band.

With the tragic passing of Scott in 1980, AC/DC was left pondering the decision of whether to go on. A fan in Cleveland, Ohio forwarded a cassette tape Brian Johnson fronting the band Geordie to AC/DC manager Peter Mensch who then recommended the singer to Angus Young and company. Young remembers Bon Scott raving about seeing Geordie years before and it was decided that Johnson was a good fit for the band.

Brian Johnson, of course, burst onto the scene in his first album with the band, 1980's legendary Back in Black album. The album needs no explanation as chances are you already own it since it is the 3rd best selling album of all-time.

AC/DC has persevered since Back in Black with 10 studio albums that have flown in the face of what's trendy and stayed true to their roots.

Chris and Aaron pick out 5 of their favorite tracks from the Brian Johnson era of AC/DC and there's plenty of variety to go around. While it is a common jab by critics to say that AC/DC uses the exact same formula for all of their songs, we venture today to show you that there is variances throughout their history. When you dig deeper into the albums, which the Decibel Geek podcast specializes in, you discover hidden gems that you may have not noticed before.

It was a blast putting this episode together and we hope you'll crack open a Fosters, make a Vegemite sandwich, and crank up some solid rock from Down Under with our Top 5 favorite Brian Johnson era AC/DC tunes!

PS: Don't forget that this week is the last week to get your requests in for our upcoming Listener Request show! The deadline to get your request in will be this Sunday, April 22nd at 6:00p.m. Central time. After that, any requests will be applied to future shows. The number to call is (540) DBGEEK-1. Give us a ring and tell us what you want to hear. You just may hear yourself on the show!

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RJhog (Classic Rock Bottom) said...

Good show guys. Hey, I'm not an AC/DC fanatic by any means, but I do like them. I can't say I choose to listen too 'em very often these days, but I think both of you did a good job of pulling some generally unknown stuff out.

My favorite out of what you played was Rock 'n' Roll Dream from Black Ice. I have that cd and I've never made it all the way through listening to it, so I've never heard that song. That one is top notch.

I thought The Razor's Edge was really good too, it was my second fave. Same story as above, I have the cd yet I'm not familiar with the song.

I'll throw out my list, but it will be covered with the well known tracks, 'cause that's what I know.

1. Shoot To Thrill

2. Thunderstruck

3. Have A Drink On Me

4. For Those About To Rock We Salute You

5. Who Made Who

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