Thursday, February 23, 2012

Episode 22 - Under Covers


We have a jam packed episode filled with tons of music you may have never heard as well as a couple of tracks that you certainly won't want to hear again!

Aaron and Chris take you through a journey of some of their all-time favorite hard rock and metal cover songs in this special edition of the Radio Sucks Radio Show - Under Covers.

In this episode, you will get lots of great cover songs performed by artists such as Sebastian Bach, Metallica, Ace Frehley, Ugly Kid Joe, and Tuff among many others.

We also introduce a new segment to the show this week with 'Defend Your iPod'. In this new feature, Aaron and Chris put each other on trial over a song that is found on each others iPod. We think you will find the choices and revelations in this segment riveting, revolting, and downright weird. The only clue we'll give you is one song is angelic while the other explains how a redneck outing can be just what the doctor ordered when you lose an appendage.

There's lots of music-y goodness for your head holes in this one. Hope you dig it!

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RJhog (Classic Rock Bottom) said...

Great episode Chris. I think all of your picks and Aaron's picks are really good. But I'll pick a favorite from each of you. For Aaron, I like the cover of Cold Ethyl by Vince Neil, Mick Mars and Billy Sheehan the best. This is the best Vince has sounded vocally since Too Fast For Love (my favorite Crue record). And you guys are right, Mars is really underrated. Sheehan isn't, he's rated very well and I love his playing here.

For Chris, I'll go with the Anthrax cover of Thin Lizzy. I think it was called Cowboy Song. This makes me want to find a compilation with all of their covers. Maybe they have a b-sides and rarities release.

I also love Ace, so great pick there. And I love the Primus track with Ozzy, especially the bass playing. Very cool.

I remember Angel Of The Morning by Juice. But I don't have it on my ipod. I do have Duran Duran, The Bee Gees and a few select songs from the Grease soundtrack. No excuse for those, but I do like 'em. I also have some Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers, but my excuse there is that it's for my Niece, for whom I keep her iPod updated. My iPod is a 160g, so I sync my whole library to it, therefore I can't avoid it. That's a reasonable excuse, right? By the way, I found absolutely nothing wrong with the song on Aaron's iPod, it sounded quite funny lyrically.

Lastly, this may be a stupid question, but does an iTunes download of your show count for your number of downloads, or is it only the ones downloaded directly from your website? Just curious. I'll find you on facebook this evening and I'm gonna give you a glowing review on iTunes as soon as I get the chance.

Thanks for playing the great music. I have no desire for illegal downloading, but I do hunt for music based on what I hear on shows like The Decibel Geek Podcast.

As far as a cover I'd love to hear one day, I'll take Foo Fighters doing Tonight You Belong To Me from Paul Stanley's 1978 solo album. It has that soft, easy intro and then kicks you in the teeth. Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl are experts with that, so I think they would knock it out of the park.

RJhog (Classic Rock Bottom)

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