Monday, January 9, 2012

Blare N. Bitch (guitarist for Betty Blowtorch and Black Sabbitch) Interview


How old were you when you started playing the guitar and why did you choose the guitar as your instrument?

I think I was around 10 years old. I'm not sure why I picked guitar. My brother was listening to bands like Allman Bros., Ten Years After and Hendrix so it probably had some influence on me. I thought, from pictures that I saw of rock stars playing guitar, that it was the absolute coolest thing in the world. When I was 15, I saw Steve Howe in Manny's (NYC) and was so awed, I was speechless.

Besides the inventor of heavy metal himself (Tony Iommi), who are some of your influences as a guitarist and why?

Alvin Lee, John McLaughlin, Jimmy Page, Johnny Thunders, Angus Young, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Steve Howe, C.C. Deville, Tom Guernsey (Hangmen) and Marc Diamond (Motorchrist).

What guitars and guitar equipment do you most predominantly use and why?

I use Marshall 2000 head and Marshall cab. I love my '74 SG!! I also have a GMP Pawnshop Edition guitar. I have 50W Hughes & Kettner combo amp. As for pedals, I mainly use Fatboy, Sparkle Drive, Boss Delay and Boss Octave.

What are your opinions of guitar solos?

I love the good ones, of course. Guitar solo is an art form. You gotta tell a story when you're playing one. Even when you're just whanking and wailing on one note, it's got to be for a good fucking reason.

Do you do guitar solos during your bands' shows? Why or why not?

Of course! I'm a guitar player! :)

What are your opinions of the non-Ozzy Black Sabbath albums/songs?

I happen to like Black Sabbath as the orignal lineup. If we're talking Black Sabbath, then that's what I think of.

In what ways would you say has Iommi's signature guitar sound in Sabbath changed throughout the band's 40+ year career?

I really have no opinion on that.

Discuss your experiences (good and/or bad) being a woman and working in the
entertainment industry.

Well, it's always been harder for women to 'prove' themselves. I remember guitar teachers not taking me seriously because I was a girl. The teacher would teach the boys leads and teach the girls rhythm. I still think it's kinda biased but with that being said, you look around and it's undeniable that the gals can rock it as hard as the guys.

What advice would you give to young people (particularly girls) who are contemplating learning how to play the guitar and/or pursuing a career in some capacity in the entertainment industry?

Go blow go!!! That was from a Betty Blowtorch song called "Part-Time Hooker". If you're following your passion, no matter what it is, you gotta give 110%.

Don't give up and hang out with people that believe in you and have the same drive.

Feel free to shamelessly plug any of your other endeavors here that you didn't already mention above.

I'd like to mention and thank Mia X and The UV's cuz I love them big time and they rock hard... and I taught the drummer, Chase Manhattan, everything he knows. ;)

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