Sunday, August 14, 2011

Geekwire.......Why Rolling Stone is Clueless, Bret Michaels Meets His Match, & Some Things That I Won't Even Touch


This is the inaugural Geekwire, our takes on the week that was & wasn't. Boy, did we pick an interesting time to launch this feature.

First off, Rolling Stone is clueless........I'll let that sink in. That shouldn't have taken long since Rolling Stone has been clueless for decades now. The "cooler than you" bunch of hipsters mag have these features currently up on their website among others:

The "Rock & Roll" Section has features on the Jay-Z & Kanye West tour & a Q&A with Taylor Swift. Nothing makes me want to down a bottle of Jack, throw on some tire chains and get ready to headbang like a Jay-Z/Kanye show! I mean, who needs the devil horns when you can do that stupid pyramid symbol thing with your hands that Jay-Z makes 2.5 million dollars off of everytime someone throws it up in the air? Taylor Swift also makes me wanna tear some shit up in a circle pit for sure! No wonder the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is so screwed up!

Next up, from our buds at, Bret Michaels recently cancelled an appearance at a marathon in Chicago due to "severe dehydration & flu." I don't know about you but I find it interesting that Bret cancels this appearance yet last year was able to miraculously recover from brain surgery and go straight into a tour within days and then, a few months later, risked life and limb as he battled the odds and braved a harrowing plane ride to make it to the Celebrity Apprentice finale. I guess not enough cameras & media were at the marathon. Get well soon Bret!

On a serious note, a couple of pretty sad things happened in the music world this past week. Most recently, the stage at the Indiana State Fair collapsed just before Sugarland hit the stage to perform. 5 were killed and dozens others inured.

We also lost former Warrant vocalist Jani Lane. Jani's history with alcohol and depression is no secret; especially to those of you that follow my show. We haven't done anything on Warrant yet but I have the feeling that most of my 5 listeners know the story.

The inner-13 year old in me was tempted to crack a couple of morbid jokes about these events. Normally, things are wide open for comment with this show/blog but when it comes to folks dying, I have to draw the line. Either I'm becoming more mature or I'm a wuss (you decide). But, I'll have to let others fan the flames.

Sorry to end this first edition of the Geekwire on a sad note but don't worry. We'll be back to point and laugh at plenty of stuff in the future.

Until Next Time,
I'm out like the Belly to Belly album

Chris Czynszak

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