Monday, July 4, 2011

Vinnie Vincent Special - Part 2

Music Featured:

Theme Song: Manic Bloom
1st & 5th Break: Piranah
2nd Break: Absinthe Junk
3rd Break: Fist of the North Star
4th Break: Oblivion Myth
Outro Song: Mindset Defect

Well, consider my mind blown!

I had a feeling that this 2-part special would generate some interest but never in my wildest dreams could I have envisioned the amount of downloads that Part 1 has received. I'll never compete with Adam Carolla or Chris Hardwick's Nerdist podcast in download numbers; but to give you an idea of the impact that part 1 had on my statistics, the peak download numbers for a single day for any of my previous episodes (& there are only 4 of them) was 15 downloads in a day. The Vinnie Vincent Special Part 1?......over 300 downloads in 24 hours! We're well over 600 downloads for this episode and that's just during a holiday weekend!

I want to thank everyone that's downloaded the show and especially thank all of you that have sent me e-mails & facebook/twitter feedback (good AND bad). Feedback is what helps drive all of us that do podcasts to keep doing the work. So, if you want me to stop then don't leave any comments! I kid, I kid.

For Independence Day, I thought I would go ahead and take a break between grilling and swilling beers to upload Part 2 of the Vinnie Vincent Special!

This segment of the show has more guests, more stories, and more buffoonery that Part 1. We start off with my update of how the Vinnie Vincent story helped put me in print with a quote of mine being used in a local Nashville publication. I also delve into the recent developments of Vinnie's comments on his recent "settlement", a deeper look at what the charges really mean, and a look at the bizarre treatment of many of his fans.

The message forum stuff is compelling due to the fact that one of Vinnie's biggest fans, Vic Radacic, started up a message board last year after Vinnie locked everyone out of his forum. The subsequent fraternization and open conversation between members seems to have caused Vinnie to label this forum a "Hate Group." We get the low-down from Vic about how both forums came to be and all of the drama surrounding them.

Bravewords' Mitch Lafon checks in from Canada with his take on Vinnie Vincent. Mitch was one of the few that got to see Vinnie on KISS' Creatures of the Night tour and explains his dismay at finding out that Ace Frehley had left the band just before seeing Vinnie hit the stage.

Alexx Michael from Shameless jons us next for an in-depth discussion about his involvement with Vinnie's appearances during the 1996-97 European KISS Expo tour. Alexx has plenty to share with us about his time dealing with the Ankh Warrior and the business transaction that went sour over a guitar in which he believed Vinnie was attempting to dupe him. Alexx was helping Gerhard Wimmer with these events. Gerhard is the head of and issued a very detailed accounting of what it was like dealing with Vinnie during these KISS expos. You can read the full press release HERE

We also hear briefly about Vinnie's "almost" re-emergence at Ed Roman's guitar store in Las Vegas in 2006. It appeared there was a deal in place for Roman to produce a line of Vinnie Vincent signature model guitars and an upcoming appearance was being advertised in the media at which Vinnie would show up and perform at the store. Suddenly, the advertising for the event vanished and nothing else was said on the subject. We hear breifly from Ed Roman about what happened.

Wrapping things up, I explain my personal feelings of what the past 2 years of research has been like and how it has felt to enjoy the music so much yet feel so drained from many of the stories that I've heard.

I'm not shutting the door completely on the idea of a Part 3.....but I definitely need a break! Hope you enjoy listening and rock on!

- Chris Czynszak


Vic Radacic said...

Well done Chris, bring on Part 3!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating stuff. I could have listened for much longer.

Johan said...

Seriously interesting. I couldn’t stop listening. Thanks from Sweden!

Anonymous said...

are you from poland?

Nick Smith's World said...

This brings back painful memories for me. I was the promoter of the UK Expo 96' with the Vinnie no-show. All that Alex recalls is correct. He rang me ( I had to call him back LOL) and faxed me that he wanted an armed bodyguard. I said No civilians can carry guns in the UK. He insisted on a (5 star)Hilton hotel- there isn't one in Wolverhampton.The 3 star Novotel is fine for Alice Cooper and numerous others etc. He drove me nuts..I'd like to set his wig on fire whilst he's still wearing it.

SikSyko said...

Gerhard Wimmer is a great guy, I have dealings with him since the 80's. Sucks to hear Vinnie ripped him off.

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