Friday, July 29, 2011

Stuffy News Network Don't Know Rock


I know that CNN is not considered a breeding ground for great music writers but I have to take issue with a recent entry on their Marquee Blog section that lists writer Josh Lubin's Top 5 Rock Movies.

While there are some pretty decent picks for Rock movies here some stuff just plain sticks out like a fungus-covered thumb. Here's my opinion on Lubin's (unfortunate name) opinion:

5. Almost Famous: One of my all-time favorite music-related movies and an inspiring story for me personally since I embodied William Miller's dorky shyness growing up while dreaming of being the next Lester Bangs. This one is fine.

4. Ray: Are you fucking kidding me??? I have NO problem giving Ray Charles praise and his songs are legendary and his story is a natural for a classic movie. Unfortunately, this film lacked clear direction when it was made and honestly bored the hell out of me. Jamie Foxx was impressive in the role but something was just "off" about this film and I never could get into it.

3. La Bamba: Pretty good choice but I'm still burned out on this one from when HBO used to show it about 7 times a day when I was a kid. Also, what the hell happened to Lou Diamond Phillips? Oh yeah....nothing.

2. The Last Waltz: A solid pick here. I'm not even a fan of The Band but Scorsese makes this legendary concert riveting from start to finish. Love this one.

1. The Doors: A rock film that hasn't aged well at all. This movie was a big deal at the time due to the massive stardom of Val Kilmer at the time but it does little to portray the accurate story of  The Doors. The other guys in the band are portrayed pretty poorly and things are blown waaaaayyyy out of proportion in parts.

Here's where I'm gonna blow my top:

On Lubin's "Honorable Mention" section, he picks 'Oh God, You Devil'.

Seriously?? This movie causes George Burns to roll around in his grave to this day! A film that portrays a down on his luck moron making a deal with the Devil to become the next Rick Springfield? No thanks!

You can check out Lubin's full list at this link

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